Papillon Puppies For Sale

Want a dog that’s small enough to take anywhere but thinks that it’s the biggest dog around? Want a happy, friendly dog that is highly intelligent and wants to please his owner? What would you think about a dog that believes that he’s a cat, that can’t jump on the counters, and yet is not nearly as finicky or standoffish? What if he’ll even sleep on the back of the couch and groom himself, like a cat. Would you like a dog that would bark, if someone comes to the door, but isn’t a yappy dog? What about one that will sit next to you or in your lap? Would you want one that would sleep at your feet or in your bed and not take up hardly any room? How about a dog that you could swear can not only read your mind but will mind you?

If you answered YES to those questions, then you have just agreed that a Papillon is the perfect dog for you!

RoxyxsmallPapillons are fun and lively. They’ll be as active or subdued, as you are. They enjoy hiking, running, jumping but also enjoy being pet and just laying around. Papillons enjoy being doted on and just looking pretty but they want the interaction that a lot of cats do not. They will take that attention and love anytime, unlike a cat, that picks and chooses it’s moments. Papillons fit into any environment. If they are brought up around water, then they will adapt to being water dogs. I have a couple that like jet skiing, boating and playing in the pool.  They’re good in small settings i.e. an apartment or condominium and yet will enjoy the wide open outdoors, as well.

Papillons are the 8th most intelligent canine. I think that’s the worst thing about them. If you’re not careful, before you know it, you are the one that is being trained.  Papillons are good with people and other dogs but they are not the least bit afraid of the bigger dog, so you have to watch out there. They may bite off more than they can chew!

Papillon DogsAre you looking to make one of these dogs part of your family? Please take a look here and see if I can help you find one near you. I started this website to help show off my puppies for sale  - just recently placed all 4 puppies born to my Papillon, Trixie. I have been a Papillon Breeder for over 8 years and have all the papers for the pure-breed Papillon Puppies.

Occasionally, I find rescue dogs that need a home. I will tell you if I don’t have the paperwork on these dogs and let you make the decision to adopt. If you know of someone that is looking for a Papillon Puppy – Please share this site with them and hopefully I can match them to their new puppy!

Look for Pictures of Ginger and Kinsey Soon!

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